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Patient rights and responsibilities

We aim to treat our patients courteously at all times and expect our patients to treat our staff in a similarly respectful way. It is your responsibility to keep your appointments, attend on time, inform us of your past illnesses and medication, hospital admissions or any other relevant details.

We aim to provide an efficient and reliable service to our patients.

To achieve this aim we promise to :-

  • Deal with telephone and personal enquiries as efficiently as possible.
  • Speak with urgent cases on the telephone; and where the G.P. thinks it appropriate aim to see them the same day; and all others within 4 working days. The appointment will be with a G.P. or ANP or Nurse as the doctor thinks appropriate. (if a specific doctor is requested it may take longer)
  • Offer patients the option of a booked telephone conversation as an alternative to a face to face appointment

    To help us to help you, please:-

  • Let us know if you cannot keep an appointment so that it can be offered to someone else. If you don’t turn up the appointment is wasted
  • Remember – one patient, one appointment
  • Tell the receptionist if you need more time, she may be able to arrange a longer appointment
  • Take a friend or relative with you if necessary
  • telephone for home visits before 10.00am so that the doctor can plan their time more effectively. Any calls received later may be too late for a visit that day.
  • Read the patient notices in the surgery
  • Be a “polite patient” and understand if there are any unforeseen delays
  • Think twice before making the appointment. Do you really need to see a doctor?

    Do not bring a “shopping list” of problems to your consultation as this could mean:

  • Important issues not getting the time they deserve
  • Consultations are longer
  • There are further delays in the waiting room.